Look at the huge shout out for EquestFile given by Sami Milo on FaceBook! Thanks for the shout out, Sami!!

I’m so excited to announce something new that I’m totally loving. I’m known to be a bit OCD and this program is helping me sleep at night. I know that all of my horses’ information is in one convenient place and most importantly, that I’m not forgetting anything!! It’s an equine program that is designed to keep barns like mine completely organized and everyone, including clients and assistant trainers, all in the loop of what’s happening with the horses on a daily basis.

I have so many favorite things about this program, but I’m going to try to list just a few.

1. Each of my horses’ info has been easily and quickly imputed, by me, into the program. I can see their show name, birthdate, breeding, usef, microchip number, everything. I can also see when the horse was last shod and when they are due to be shod. I can see when anything medical has been done like vaccinations, shockwave, hock injections, past surgeries, etc. I can see all of the injections that the horse has received like depo and polyglycam. I can see when their teeth were last done and if our vet made any comments. I can see if the chiropractor was out and adjusted them and exactly what was adjusted and any comments directly from our chiropractor. It feels so good to be so organized!! And, the clients get to log in and see everything that’s happening with their horse and see if the professionals working on them had any concerns or recommendations.

2. I have quite a few horses out on lease or being leased in my barn. All of that info is easily put in the program and quickly accessed. I type in the beginning and ending dates so I can easily find it and I take a picture of each lease agreement just in case I need to look at it quickly. I no longer have to go to my file cabinet, I just pull up my app. Anything that I put on my EquestFile app calendar, automatically goes on my iPhone calendar too!

3. Oh, it’s an app and a desktop platform! So, if I want to enter my info while in my pj’s at my home office…I can do that. Or, I can enter the info while at the barn working with our vet through my app! Both systems are so easy and everything syncs back and forth!!

4. The company is great to work with. Any time I have any issues or questions they get back to me immediately with answers, resolutions and even step by step videos.

Here’s some pics of what I see when I open the app and click on some of the different options. All you trainers need to check this out!! Go to www.equestfile.com

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