EquestFile releases two helpful new features. Tags and reports.

In a recent update, EquestFile has released two features that our clients have been requesting. And today, we are happy to announce Tags and Reports!


Tags are labels that you can attach to horses to group them. Tags are highly customizable so you can create and assign them as you see fit. Here are some ways barn owners can use tags in an EquestFile barn:

  • Create tags to indicate where the horses are located (e.g. pasture or stall, the Ohio Barn or the Florida Barn).
  • Create tags for horses going to a certain show in order to filter the horses slated for that particular show.
  • Create tags for horses of a specific breeding or breed registry.
  • Create tags for a special all horses receiving a special service.
  • Create tags for a certain breeding. ie, you can tag the progeny of a stallion.


We have developed a series of new reports that will help you to organize your horse information and communicate with your staff.

General Horse Report ~ this report will have the horses’ show name, barn name, owner, height, sire, dam, registration numbers and other information that you have entered for the horse.
A Feed Report ~ this report will list all the grains, hays, treatment meds and supplements for each horse.
A Health Services to be Done Report ~ this report lists all the health services due for the the horses in the time period that you set.
A Health Services Performed Report ~ this report lists all health services done in the past for the time frame you set.
A Task List for Horses Report ~ this report will give you the tasks done with horses you select in a certain time frame.
A Task List for Persons ~ this report will give you the tasks done by the people in the time frame you stipulate.

Please contact us for questions about these new features or any other questions about EquestFile.

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